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Types / Related Acupuncture Techniques

Physical Acupuncture


Physical acupuncture is the classic acupuncture by placing needles in the body. There are various acupuncture points all over the body. Most of the points used are on the upper and lower extremities - from the height of the elbow and below and from the height of the knee and below - on the back and head.



Acupuncture  is acupuncture applied to the ear, independently or in combination with body acupuncture. The needles are placed in the ear flap, in specific places depending on the case. The indications and applications of acupuncture are the same as those of conventional acupuncture, however it is most often applied in cases of pain, obesity, smoking cessation or psychological disorders.



Electroacupuncture is the method in which an electric current is applied to the already placed needles. It is a low current, so it is safe. Its main application is in musculoskeletal diseases in which we achieve, due to the current, greater and continuous stimulation of the points.

Moxa (Moxibustion - Moxa)


Moxa (from the Japanese "moe kuza", meaning "the burning herb") is a technique that uses an herb of the genus Artemisia whose flowers and leaves, dried and in the form of cones or small rods, burn and heat the acupuncture points. Artemisia  is found outside of China and in Europe where it lists about 200 species. It is named after the ancient goddess Artemis, a symbol of nature, freedom and youth. It can be used alone or together with acupuncture, as is done e.g. in cases of colitis or arthritis.



Cupping  is the method of applying glass jars (suction cups) to the skin, after first reducing the   by soaking the air, warming 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ holds them. In combination with acupuncture they are mainly used to treat pain, gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory diseases.

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