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George Stefanou



Specialist in medical acupuncture
Specialist cosmetic acupuncture doctor

Specialist acupuncture doctor

Specialist in otic neuromodulation


Member of the Hellenic Acupuncture Society b. Greece

Member of FISA (Italian Federation of Acupuncture Studio)

Member of GSATN (Society of Acupuncture and Natural Therapy Society)

I was born in Athens in 1973 and I finished school at the Leontio Lyceum of Patissia. I studied Medicine in Italy from where I graduated with honors. After my studies, I returned to Greece to fulfill my military service and the Agricultural. I started the first part of my specialty (Pathology) and then I specialized in Hematology which I have been practicing privately since 2011.


During these years, but even now, I continue to be informed about the latest developments in my specialty by participating in various seminars and conferences. At the same time, I participate in the elaboration of scientific works.


From the beginning of my studies I was interested in Acupuncture, initially out of curiosity and then out of enthusiasm. I found that it is a method that not only helps patients improve their quality of life, but also gives the doctor the joy of the result. A result that is painless, fast, impressive, without side effects, without burdening the body with drugs. The touching thing was that Acupuncture could be applied in addition to classical medicine, without creating conflicts in my scientific thinking.


So, in 2007 I started attending the compulsory training and successfully after examinations I received the official certification of the acupuncturist. Since then I practice Acupuncture professionally in my practice and at the same time I participate in seminars and conferences for the specialization of my knowledge and the adoption of new applications of Acupuncture.




2007–2009 :  Department of Medical Acupuncture from the Hellenic Acupuncture Company of Northern Greece whose program and structure of seminars are under the auspices of the International Council of Medical Acupuncture - ICMART Techniques), after successful completion of 300 hours of theoretical and practical training.


Since 2009 member of the Hellenic Acupuncture Society of Northern Greece (


February 2011 : Attendance of the seminar "Theory and Practice of Cosmetic Acupuncture" ("Course in the Theory and Practice of COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE").


March 2011 :  Certification in Cosmetic Acupuncture by the European Cosmetic Academy of Chinese Acupuncture (Germany), after successful completion of 50 hours of theoretical training.


November 2011 :  Serving seminar ENERGETICS IN ACUPUNCTURE.




2014-2015 : Degree in Medical Application of Ototherapy - Ear Neuromodulation AURICULAR NEUROMODULATION with certification of the International Medical School of Ear Neuromodification MISAN (Member of ICMART), after successful completion of 100 hours of theoretical and practical training

2017-2019 : training in homeopathy and botany-combination of techniques with acupuncture - holistic approach

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